21st Century Liverpool Underground CD


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Various 21st Century Liverpool Underground  – CD

1. I’m Bored – The Big Kids
2. Double Decker Bus- Tramp Attack
3. Let’s Get Drunk Again – The Hokum Clones
4. Too Much Baby – The Big Kids
5. Swine- Tramp Attack
6. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day – The Hokum Clones
7. Hot Potatoes- The Big Kids
8. Breakin’ From a Jailhouse Blues – The Hokum Clones
9. Ladybird- Tramp Attack
10. Viper Style- The Hokum Clones
11. For a Moment – The Big Kids
12. You Ain’t Foolin’ Me – The Hokum Clones
13. Broken Man – Tramp Attack
14. Up to No Good again – The Big Kids
15. Barrel of Fun – Tramp Attack
16. Steal a little Time – The Hokum Clones
17. Hey, Hey ,Now,Now- The Big Kids
18. Rock Island Line – The Hokum Clones

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