Unearthed Merseybeat Vol 3 The Dawn Of A New Era 1957-1968 DOWNLOAD


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Various Unearthed Merseybeat Vol 3 The Dawn Of A New Era 1957 – 1968 – DOWNLOAD

1. The Kinsleys – ‘ Do Me A Favour’: Classic Merseybeat . 1964.
2. Lance Fortune and The Firecrests – ‘Come Go With Me’: One of Liverpool’s oldest rock ‘n’ roll recording. 9th of Aug 1957.
3. The Merseybeats – ‘ Soldier of Love’: Produced by Kit Lambert, The Whos manager. 1965.
4. The Connoisseurs – ‘ Make Up Your Mind’: Their own song and featured Vince Earl aka Ron Dixon from Brookside on Vocals. 1963
5. The Swinging Blue Jeans – ‘Once in a While’: Live at The Mardi Gras
when they were still essentially a Jazz band but you can hear the
elements of Merseybeat i.e the heavy bass drum + harmonic vocals. 1960
6. Earl Preston and the TT’s – ‘ Betty Jean’ : Energetic demo from 1963.
7. Dale Roberts and The Jaywalkers – ‘Daydream’ : A cover of the Lovin’
Spoonful classic written by John Sebastian. 4th of May 1966.
8. Earl Royce and The Olympics- ‘ Shake Your Tail Feathers’ : A
wonderful performance by a group who were in the film ‘Ferry Cross The
Mersey’. 1963.
9. Lance Fortune and The Firecrests – ‘That’ll Be The Day’ : A cover of a
song that influenced a generation of musicians. 9th of Aug 1957.
10. Gerry and The Pacemakers – ‘Pretend’: Recorded in a Church Hall in Crosby. First recording session. 1961.
11. Jimmy Campbell/23rd Turn Off – ‘Flowers are Flowering’: Psychedelia at its best. 1967.
12. The Connoisseurs – ‘I’m Lookin’ Thru You’’: An excellent attempt to cover a Beatles song’. 1965.
13. The Four Justmen – ‘Sticks and Stones’: Went on to become the psychedelic band Wimple Winch. Circa1964.
14. The Four Originals- ‘You Won’t Be Leaving’ : 4th May 1966.
15. Chris Curtis – ‘Baby, You Don’t Have To Tell Me’: A lost classic sounding like The Walker Brothers. 1966
16.The Merseys -‘ Nothing Can Change This Love’ : 1966.
17. The Swinging Blue Jeans – ‘Ain’t What You Do’ : Live again at The Mardi Gras. 1960
18. Steve Day & the Syndicate – ‘The Last Bus Home’ : A sign of the
times as no one know would write about getting the last bus home. 1964
19. Focal Point – ‘Sycamore Sid’: Keeping up with the Beatles /Pink
Floyd with this wonderful piece of psychedelia. Infact the name ‘Focal
Point’ was given to them by Brian Epstein 1968.
20. Jimmy Campbell – ‘Michaelangelo’: A masterpiece from amazing singer/songwriter Jimmy Campbell- ushers in a new era. 1967.

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