The Ultimate 30’s and 40’s Reefer Songs CD


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Various The Ultimate 30’s and 40’s Reefer Songs – CD

1. ‘The Reefer Song’ by Fats Waller – 1943
2. ‘Reefer Man’ by Cab Calloway- 1932
3. ‘Wacky Dust’ by Ella Fitzgerald & the Chick Webb Orchestra-1938
4. ‘Killin’ Jive’ by The Cats & The Fiddle-1939
5. ‘Sweet Marihuana Brown’ by Barney Bigard Sextet-1945
6. ‘Viper Mad’ by Sidney Bechet with The Noble Sissle’s Swingers- 1938
7. ‘Mellow Stuff’ by Lil Johnson-1937 8) ‘Here Comes The Man with the Jive ’ by Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys- 1936
9. ‘Save The Roach for Me ’ by Buck Washington-1944
10. ‘When I Get Low I Get High’ by Chick Webb & His Orchestra-1936
11. ‘Weed Smokers Dream’ by The Harlem Hamfats-1936
12. ‘The Stuff is Here’ by Georgie White-1937
13. ‘Reefer Head Women’ by Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys-1938
14. ‘Weed’ by Bea Foote-1938
15. ‘I’m Gonna Get High’ by Tampa Red & the Chicago Five-1937
16. ‘Light Up’ by Buster Balley’s Rhythm Busters-1938
17. ‘Jack I’m Mellow’ by Trixie Smith-1938
18. ‘Smoking Reefers’ by Larry Adler-1938
19. ‘Knockin’ Myself Out’ by Yack Taylor-1941
20. ‘All the Jive is Gone’ by Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds Of Joy-1936

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